Xamarin University Mobile Training 2016 (Selected class videos and materials) | 5.76 GB

These video tutorials will suit those who are already familiar with C # and want to learn how to program it for iOS and Android. This is part of the official exchange rate for Xamarin, which is available to those who have a subscription to Visual Studio.
Installing Xamarin
1. Installing Xamarin on OS X
We’ll walk you through how to set up your Mac machine and get you ready to build fully native apps.
2. Installing Xamarin on Windows
We’ll walk you through how to set up your Windows machine and get you ready to build fully native apps.
1. Introduction to Xamarin.Android
Learn Android development basics, including tool chain, app structure, and other fundamentals.
2. Activities and Intents
Understand Android Activities and Intents, allowing you to create multiple pages for engaging apps.
3. List Views and Adapters in Android
Learn how to enhance your Xamarin.Android apps with a ListView to display, and interact with lists of scrollable data.
4. Navigation Patterns in Android
Learn how to use the most common navigation styles in Android to manage multiple Activities in your apps.
5. RecyclerView and CardView in Android
Start using the new RecyclerView and CardView controls to display collections of data.
6. Introduction to Backgrounding in Android
Learn how Android manages your Activity lifecycle, and how to continue to execute code even when your app is no longer active.
1. Introduction to Xamarin.iOS
Dive into iOS architecture, app structure, and UI basics.
2. Getting started with the iOS Designer
Explore Xamarin.iOS ‘visual designer and use a WYSIWYG designer to create app screens straight from the IDE.
3. Fundamentals of Table Views
Get started with presenting lists of interactive data using a Table View in your iOS application.
4. Navigation Patterns in iOS
Explore built-in iOS navigation styles to manage multiple screens in your apps.
5. Customizing iOS Table Views
Build on your iOS Table View knowledge to customize the visual cells used to display your data.
6. Introduction to Backgrounding
Explore iOS background options, to complete critical operations-even when your app is backgrounded.
1. Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
Take code sharing to the next level with Xamarin.Forms. Define a single UI that creates a native user experience for iOS, Android, and Windows.
1. Introduction to Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Dive into sharing your code between your platforms using Portable Class Libraries and Shared Projects.
2. Using Async and Await
Learn how to use C # async and await keywords to simplify your asynchronous code and the benefits and drawbacks of this language feature.
3. Consuming REST Web Services
Learn how to manage your mobile connectivity to access RESTful web services.
Guest Lectures
1. Azure Mobile Services and Xamarin
David Giard explains how to connect your Xamarin projects to Azure for native, cloud-connected apps for all platforms.
2. Introduction to Prism for Xamarin.Forms
Brian Lagunas shares how to use Prism to enhance your Xamarin.Forms apps and create maintainable, well-designed apps quickly.
3. UI Design with Xamarin.Forms
Adam Wolf shows you how to build beautiful, native UIs and share maximum code with Xamarin.Forms.
4. Building polished, production-ready Xamarin.Forms apps
Rob DeRosa shares his tips and tricks for delivering polished enterprise and consumer Xamarin.Forms apps.
5. Using and developing plug-ins with Xamarin.Forms
James Montemagno teaches you to how to use Xamarin plug-ins to easily access common native APIs from your shared code projects and build apps even faster.
6. Spice up Xamarin.Forms UIs with Custom Renderers
Pierce Boggan explores how Custom Renderers allow you to create even better Xamarin.Forms apps.
Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Xamarin University
Manufacturer Website: https://university.xamarin.com
Duration: ~ 24 hours
Type of material handed out: Video Tutorial
English language

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